Offer your customers a great start to their day with brands they know and love. Our spreads, including jams, honey, syrup, and peanut butter are the perfect complement to your menu with many varieties available.

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Warm Beverages

Explore the distinctive products, and popular brands in our incredible warm beverage portfolio. Your customers will enjoy delicious, top quality coffee, premium tea, and hot cocoa.

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Your customers look for the brands they trust. From premium offerings such as IN THE RAW® naturally sourced sweeteners to customer favourite sugar substitutes like Sweet’N Low sweetener, each option is distinct and worthy of a place on the tabletop.

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As Canada’s favourite pickle brand*, the full line up of Bick’s® condiments are the perfect complement to your menu. From pickles to pepper rings, beets to corn relish, your customers will never be without the crunchy condiments they know and love. (*Source: Nielsen, PE Sept 17, 2016)

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Decorating Syrups

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by using our Smucker's PlateScapers® toppings decorating syrups to create signature dessert presentations. It’s easy to add excitement to your desserts, beverages, and more.

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Milk Products

Whether adding to beverages or using as an ingredient, our milk products are the ideal choice for flavour and convenience. With trusted products like Carnation and Eagle Brand, your menu will get the creamy, delicious touch you are looking for.

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