With a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good®.

Smucker’s Pure Jams and jellies are made from a blend of sun-ripened fruit, fruit puree and fruit juices. They’re packed with mouthwatering pieces of fruit picked at the peak of perfection.

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Creamy, delicious peanut butter.

Peanuts roasted to perfection result in the signature fresh roasted peanut taste that has made Jif such a great choice. Our round portion packs allow your customers to scrape out every last bit of the delicious peanut butter.

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Double Fruit

Twice the Fruit than a jam with pectin.

Show your customers that quality is important when you serve Double Fruit fruit spreads. Double Fruit fruit spreads are made from a unique processing technique that results in a lot of fruit pieces intact in the spreads. Double Fruit spreads are packed with fruit flavour to satisfy every taste.

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Good Morning

Good spreads make good mornings.

Good Morning™ portion control spreads are 100% delicious. Choose from fruit spreads, honey and glucose spread, and table syrup with great taste, value, and quality. For calorie-reduced diets, we offer Light Spreads with 30% fewer calories than our regular fruit spreads.

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Creamy caramel to spread or dip.

Smucker’s Grenache caramel spread will delight your customers with its great caramel taste and creamy, smooth texture. Perfect for dipping fruit or as a spread on toast.

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